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The Artist’s Magazine – Sheer Realism, April 2000

This 8-page article on the artist's watercolor and oil painting techniques first appeared in the April 2000 issue of the Artist's Magazine. With back issues completely sold-out, you can now read the complete article and view the step-by-step watercolor demonstration.


The Artist’s Magazine – The Oil Painters Hand Book: Keeping it Clean, August 2002

This article on color mixing and how to keep your colors clean when working in oils is the unedited version as submitted to the Artist's Magazine before its publication in the August 2002 issue.

Art Café – Interview with Jane Freeman

Read the interview by Jane Freeman on the artist's thoughts and approach to a watercolor painting and the fine art of portraiture.


Splash 6: The Magic of Texture
94 of the best contemporary watercolorists show and tell how to enliven your paintings with texture.

Publisher: North Light Books, (March 2000)

Edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf
Hardcover: 143 pages

In addition to the cover, Splash 6 features full page reproductions of  "Hope", "Altruistic Pattern" and "Pamelia".

Signed First Editions:
Only $30.00 when purchased through the McCormack Studios. Books are personalized and signed by Paul on the introduction page opposite "Hope". This book ships free in the Continental US.
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Material Links
Cretacolor - Nero Pencils: These pencils contain a small amount of charcoal allowing you to achieve a darker dark than any graphite pencil. Used in conjunction with your graphite pencils the Nero pencil
extends your value range with a seamless blend.
Cretacolor - Powdered Graphite: When used with denatured alcohol, Powdered Graphite can be diluted and applied to 2 ply or heavier Bristol allowing you to block in your overall values very rapidly.
Strathmore - Bristol
500 series 2 ply Plate & Vellum : Excellent hard and durable surface for drawing. 2 ply and heavier weights will accept powdered graphite washes without buckling.
Eldajon Palette:
These palettes are indispensable when you want to keep large pools of color separate. With 3 large mixing wells you can easily and precisely mix up your light, halftone and dark.
Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolors: Since 1832, Winsor & Newton still makes some of finest watercolors available on the market. In addition they are one of the very few producers of Rose Madder Genuine.
Arches 140 lb. Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper: Arches 140 lb. cold pressed is a harder paper that can accept many layers of color and repeated lifting out. Available in convenient sizes of 16 x 20 and 22 x 30 sheets as well as 42" rolls.
Belle Arti - Raphael Oil Primed Linen: Quadruple primed linen with a extremely smooth and uniform texture. Available in rolls, stretched and mounted on board.
Claessens Type 13 Oil Primed Linen: Double oil primed Belgium linen: with a bit more texture than the Belle Arti.
Silver Brush Grand Prix Bristle Brushes
: One of the finest bristle filberts available. Long lasting and retains their shape when handled properly.
Winsor & Newton Monarch Synthetic Brushes: Reasonably priced synthetic mongoose filberts.Not as stiff as a bristle and not as soft as a sable.Excellent for working on smoother surfaces, finishing work and detail.

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