Paul W. McCormack
Portrait Procedure


Mr. McCormack prefers to paint his subjects in their own personal surroundings. He will come to your home or office where he requires only two to three 2-hour sessions with the subject that is to be painted. The first session is a consultation on how the subject is to be portrayed in the portrait. Questions of formality, clothing, background and the actual size of the painting would be addressed at this time. The second meeting, which can be combined with the first, consists of a preliminary photography session, where the artist will photograph the subject in several different poses and compositional formats. Once the preliminary photos are developed, you will meet with Paul for a third time. During this session the final composition will be discussed. There will then be another photo session of the agreed upon pose. At this time the artist may require the subject to sit for a brief pencil sketch and or color study. With sketches and photos in hand, Paul will then return to his studio where he will begin to paint the actual portrait.

All portraits are done in a traditional ¾ to life size format. Prices are a base estimate and may vary depending on the complexity of the background and surrounding elements. After the preliminary photo session, a small pencil sketch of the portrait will be given to the client along with an exact price quote for approval. Upon approval a 30% deposit is required. Completion of a portrait may take 2 to 3 months for a single subject, depending on size. Before the actual painting is shipped to the client, a photograph of the completed portrait will be sent to the client for approval.

Oil on Linen - 32" x 44"
Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Pat Borian

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